Property Evaluation

Texas Two-Step Property Evaluation


1. Why are repairs important?

Repairs and improvements make a home look fresh and much more appealing to buyers.  As with any sales job, it is the presentation that counts. It is important to remember that not all repairs bring the same level of return.   You have to consider all the options.

For example, you can remodel the kitchen and get X for your home or simply change out a few items and get X for your home or leave it exactly as is and get X for your home.  Your choice, your money, but you need  to have the information to make an informed decision.  We can help guide you!

Please see below for some ideas on what repairs make your home more appealing and get you a good return on the investment.



Do you want to know more about cost of repairs versus the return value?  Check out Homeadvisor for me information.


2. Why is price the most important thing to get right?

Nothing is more important than getting the price of your home correct! Nothing!   As you can see from the infographic below, buyers will look at homes priced correctly much more readily than if the house is under valued or overpriced.   When you bring in more buyers, you get more chances to sell your house.  Don’t let your ego get in your way. If you have not had any showings in a week or no offers in two weeks, you have priced yourself out of the market.

NextHome Integrity Group will help you determine a price that is right for your property by looking at recent properties that have sold. There is no better way to gauge what to price your home than what has sold around you.   We work hand-in-hand with you in reviewing all the relevant data and advise you on the best price to list your home.